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Rebreather, CCR

Rebreather initiation

Your first introduction rebreather dive in order to discover a new diving way, getting closer to marine wildlife, to discover or rediscover the world of silence without any bubbles. Your initiation will last an hour and will allow you to gain the basics of a closed circuit dive and to enjoy the maximum benefits of such a new diving way that can bring to you.

Either you already own your rebreather machine or not, but you are certified!

We guarantee the possibility of diving under close circuit in the Tiputa pass and to hire one of the Ap Evolution rebreather machines we have for those who didn’t get their machine.
For the others we do have on site all the necessary consumable such as; Lime, Oxygen, Helium, oxygen and diluent cylinder available as well as various Bail-outs.

Tek dive Training

Available in Rangiroa open circuit training under IANTD, FFESSM: Nitrox training – Advanced nitrox training - Normoxic Trimix training - hypoxic trimix training. CCR training on AP evolution rebreather IANTD training, Normoxic and hypoxic Air / Trimix diluant.
Rebreather Facilities: Available Sofnolime lime 797 Molecular grade. Provision of Oxygen and dive winch reel, parachute and bailout. Different spare parts, oxygen cells and many adaptors.
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